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Yamato Matt Ishida, digielegido, cantante, novio y estudiante, hablo español y entiendo un poco de ingles, naci un 11 de abril, pertenezco al grupo rp digimonrpdirectory

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The digivolution is up and runnin’, did ya see, did ya hear, did ya know it was coming?

I got to do season 02 Matt for pricimation’s Digimon collab! I’ll be sending a resized and transparent version her way.

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That photo of Yamato Ishida’s genitals seen by millions of people around the globe? He wants you to know that it isn’t his.

It appears that the lead singer of the TEEN-AGE WOLVES has faced his first real scandal.

F.U. Stars magazine published a photo of what was claimed to be the famous 25-year-old’s erect penis, where his right hand (allegedly) can be seen gripped around its base. The tabloid, with some decorum, censored his sexual organ.

A woman, identified only as J, told the magazine that Ishida had flirted with her during an autograph signing event last weekend, where he asked her back to his hotel room later that evening.

J admits that though she had initially been “excited and giddy” to meet up with the star for what she said was heavily implied to be sex, she did not, in fact, end up sleeping with him — due to “guilt that he had a wife”.

But she claims that he did ask for her phone number, sending her the now-infamous photo of his alleged phallus a few days later.

"I was totally disgusted by the fact that he would send me a selfie of his cock. Like, how high school is that?" J said.

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Ve este video, sí te gusta regálanos un mísero “Like”, sí encuentras que es la imbecilidad más grande que has visto, compártelo. De cualquier manera nos estarás ayudando

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